We are excited to announce that three high-profile keynote speakers agreed to present at IWSG 2019:

Peter Kacsuk, MTA SZTAKI, Budapest, Hungary
Dana Petcu, West University of Timisoara, Romania
Michael Zentner, Purdue University, USA


Peter Kacsuk

MTA SZTAKI, Budapest
Peter KACSUK is the Head of the Research Laboratory of the Parallel and Distributed Systems. He received his MSc and university doctorate degrees from the Technical University of Budapest in 1976 and 1984, respectively. He received the kandidat degree from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1989. He habilitated at the University of Vienna in 1997. He recieved his professor title from the Hungarian President in 1999 and the Doctor of Academy degree (DSc) from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2001. He served as visiting scientist or professor several times at various universities of Austria, England, Germany, Spain, Australia and Japan. He has published two books, two lecture notes and more than 200 scientific papers on parallel computer architectures, parallel software engineering and Grid computing. He is co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Grid Computing published by Springer.

Dana Petcu

West University of Timisoara
Dana Petcu (Mrs., PhD) is Professor at Computer Science Department and vice-rector responsible with the research, development and innovation strategy at West University of Timisoara, scientific manager of its supercomputing center, and CEO of the research spin-off Institute e-Austria Timisoara. Her interest in distributed and parallel computing is reflected in more than two hundred papers about Cloud, Grid, Cluster or HPC computing. She is and was involved in several projects funded by European Commission and other research funding agencies, as coordinator, scientific coordinator, or local team leader. She is chief editor of the open-access journal Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience.

Michael Zentner

Purdue University
Michael Zentner, Ph.D. is an Entrepreneur in Residence with Purdue University’s Foundry and a Senior Research Scientist at Purdue, where he is Director of the HUBzero project, co-Principal Investigator for Purdue’s Network for Computational Nanotechnology, and Associate Director for the Science Gateways Community Institute. Prior to Purdue, he founded and was a senior team member of several technology companies creating novel systems in optimization, collaboration, and knowledge management, deploying these technologies and devising business strategies with Fortune 500 corporations. In addition to his Chemical Engineering degrees, he holds international MBA’s from Purdue and TIAS business school in the Netherlands.