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Wednesday12 June 2019
12:00–13:00Registration & Light lunch
Novel Approaches with AI and Edge ComputingSession chair: Sandra Gesing
13:00–13:15Vlado Stankovski and Sandra Gesing: Welcome
13:15–14:00Keynote by Peter Kacsuk: Towards an AI-oriented user environment on clouds
14:00–14:15Miklos Kozlovszky, Gabor Hermann, István Pintye and Peter Kacsuk: Little Data computing using embedded AI systems – a review
14:15–14:45Polona Štefanič, Omer Rana and Vlado Stankovski: Budget and Performance-efficient Application Deployment along Edge-Fog-Cloud Ecosystem
14:45–15:15István Pintye, Eszter Kail and Peter Kacsuk: Big data and machine learning framework for clouds and its usage for text classification
15:15–15:45Coffee break
Enhanced Data ManagementSession chair: Claire Stirm
15:45–16:00Rajesh Kalyanam, Lan Zhao and X. Carol Song: GeoEDF – An Extensible Geospatial Data Framework for FAIR Science
16:00–16:30Iain Barclay, Alun Preece, Ian Taylor and Dinesh Verma: Towards Traceability in Data Ecosystems using a Bill of Materials Model
16:30–16:45Jens Krüger: BioDATEN – Bioinformatics DATa ENvironment
Break [*chance for accommodation formalities*]
18:00Ljubljana City Toursightseeing: start from Prešeren Square (at Prešeren monument)
19:00Welcome Reception with special entertainment performance at Magistrat (Ljubljana City Hall)
20:00Dinner at Sokol Restaurant (no host dinner – on own cost)
21:00Social evening
Thursday13 June 2019
Security and HPCSession chair: Vlado Stankovski
9:00–9:45Keynote by Dana Petcu: Scalable Monitoring applied to Exascale systems, Big Data frameworks or Security as a Service
Steve Bogol, Paul Brenner, Adam Brinckman, Ewa Deelman, Rafael Ferreira Da Silva, Sandeep Gupta, Jarek Nabrzyski, Soowang Park, Damian Perez, Mats Rynge, Ian Taylor, Karan Vahi, Matt Vander Werf, Sarah Rucker and Sebastian Wyngaard: A Secure Gateway for Enabling ASIC Design Collaborations
10:15–10:30Gabriele Pierantoni, Tamas Kiss, Gabor Terstyanszky, Silvia Olabarriaga, Marcela Tuler de Oliveira, Dagmar Krefting, Kassaye Yitbarek Yigzaw, Thomas Penzel, Johan Gustav Belika and Hai Van-Dang: A Secure Cloud-based Platform to Host Healthcare Applications
10:30–11:00Coffee break
Impact, Metrics and SustainabilitySession chair: Tamas Kiss
11:00–11:15Nancy Wilkins-Diehr: Measuring Impact: Perspectives on Science Gateway Success
11:15–11:45Sandro Fiore, Paola Nassisi, Alessandra Nuzzo, Maria Mirto, Luca Cinquini, Dean Williams and Giovanni Aloisio: A Climate Change Community Gateway for Data Usage & Data Archive Metrics across the Earth System Grid Federation
11:45–12:15Claire Stirm, Sandra Gesing, Michael Zentner, Gerhard Klimeck, Lynn Zentner and Carly Dearborn: HUBzero’s Variations of Sustainability: From Simulation/Modeling Tools to Communities
Lunch Break
Technology Enhancements ISession chair:
Jens Krüger
13:45–14:15James Deslauriers, Tamas Kiss, Gabriele Pierantoni, Gregoire Gesmier and Gabor Terstyanszky: Enabling Modular Design of an Application-Level Auto-Scaling and Orchestration Framework using TOSCA-based Application Description Templates
14:15–14:30Tamas Kiss: A Cloud/HPC Platform and Marketplace for Manufacturing SMEs
14:30–15:00Massimiliano Assante, Alice Boizet, Leonardo Candela, Donatella Castelli, Roberto Cirillo, Gianpaolo Coro, Enol Fernandez, Matthias Filter, Luca Frosini, George Kakaletris, Panagis Katsivelis, Rob Knapen, Lucio Lelii, Rob Lokers, Francesco Mangiacrapa, Pasquale Pagano, Giancarlo Panichi, Lyubomir Penev, Fabio Sinibaldi and Panagiotis Zervas: Realising a Science Gateway for the Agri-food: the AGINFRAplus Experience
15:00–15:15Kyle Chard: FuncX: High Performance Function-as-a-Service for Science
15:15–15:45Coffee break
Technology Enhancements IISession chair:
Ian Taylor
15:45–16:00Kyle Chard: Globus: Platform-as-a-Service for Science Gateways
16:00–16:30Elias Khaldi Ahanach, Spiros Koulouzis and Zhiming Zhao: Linking provenance with system logs: a context aware information integration and exploration framework for analyzing workflow execution
Open discussion: Future of Science Gateways
19:00Workshop Dinner at Restavracija Na gradu (Ljubljana Castle Restaurant)
Friday14 June 2019
Community Analytics and Use Cases ISession chair: Sandra Gesing
9:00–9:45Keynote by Mike Zentner : Perspectives, Possibilities, and Pitfalls in Approaching Sustainability
9:45–10:00Lynn Zentner, Gerhard Klimeck, Stuti Thapa Magar and Louis Tay: Understanding your Science Gateway Users – A case study of who, how, and why
10:00–10:15Peter Belmann and Alexander Sczyrba: Implementing a Portal for de.NBI Cloud
10:15–10:30Zheng Meyer-Zhao, Yan Grange and Michiel van Haarlem: ASTRON Science Analysis Platform
10:30–11:00Coffee break
Community Analytics and Use Cases IISession chair: James Deslauriers
11:00–11:30Gerhard Klimeck, Gustavo Valencia-Zapata, Nathan Denny, Lynn Zentner and Michael Zentner: nanoHUB user behavior: moving from retrospective statistics to actionable behavior analysis
11:30–12:00Eunjin Lee and Dave Braines: The Science Library: A Controlled Natural Language driven Science Gateway
12:00–12:30Felix Bartusch, Jens Krüger, Klaus Rechert, Oleg Zharkov and Kyryll Udod: CiTAR - Citing & Archiving Research
12:30–13:00Sandra Gesing: Closing remarks
13:00–14:30Lunch Break
15:00–20:00Event trip (optional) to Bled
21:00Social evening at Ljubljana – Union Brewery, Petkovškovo nabrežje